are you ready for the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Hi marnie

Hi everyone

River was walking down the sidewalk to get to her party at the barn when she arrived she saw all her friends standing there sherly sheep ,giggly goat ,tammy toocan michelle moose big brown cow and wally the wolf. They were going to play bob for cupcakes now they all got in line. the first one to go was gigly goat giggly goat just fell in the crate blew bubbles so they dedcided that they werent going to bob for cupcakes. they were going to swim. giigly goat thought that it would be fun to put the cupcakes in the pool. he ploped them alll in the pool and everyone jumped in the water turned pink and there were so many crumbs in the pool so everyone ate clorene cupcakes they were very squishy but they were still good- giggly goat tge next thing they wer going to do was chairs they put out 6 chairs and put on head shoulders knees and toes music they all circled around the chairs when the music stoped river sat on a chair everyone was on the six chairs except for big brown cow big brown cow was so mad she ran around the room saying "mooo moo moo" i dont want to play anymore so they desided they should be done with musical chairs..... for now. sudenly sherly sheep "said can we please dance to my favioret song now"? Well said river what is your favioret song? well of course said sherly shepp its head shoulders knees and toes! ok said river so they danced to the song head shoulders knees and toes. fter that they desided to have pumpkin pie. they ate it u so fast some people couldent even get in the large crowd to get some. after that they really just know what to do so they all took a vote there was options like hot dog eating contest nose picking contest and a race. they picked a race contest so they all lineed up at the stalrting line and river ranbhe race she said READY SET GO!!!!!!!! they all ran tammy toocan ran the fastest second place was wally the wolf and third place was michele moose. aafter they were all very hot so they walked down the sidewalk and saw a lemonade stand they went to the lemoad estand and bought seven glases of lemonade they all drank the lemonade just like that. they all headed back to the barn and decided it wads almost time for bed. so they desided to eat CAKE!!!!!!!!!! they all took one cake there was bana flavor straberry flavor and cheescake and much more they ate all the cake and went crazy! they litterly bounced off the walls.when they were done being crazy they got tired at about 9:00. they all decided to have a sleepover tonight! so they went home and packed a bag and came back they all snuggled up in the hay they almost fell asleep when big brown cow started sleep walkig and wally the wolf started snoring they all covered there ears and ran arubd the barn. big brown cow woke up and screamed he ran aeroung the barn and sat on giggly goat giggly goat fell asleep and they decided to go to a restraunt. they picked village in so they drove to tge restraunt and when they got thre they went

there will be cake!,cupcakes,and sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!